Monday, 22 January 2018

Miserable rainy weekend

I know some of you will have had snow but for the south it was rain this weekend and boy did it rain and rain and rain.

Saturday we went to Kingston Lacy for a walk with Barney - couldn't face the soaking wet muddy fields at home... it wasn't quite so wet there. This time  of the year there are literally thousands of snow drops.....

Yesterday it never stopped !  We did go out for a walk in the afternoon - it was saturated under foot and quite honestly if it wasn't for the fact the three of us were going mad to get out we probably wouldn't have bothered.

I spent most of the day knitting or practising piano - neck is suffering today a bit (the knitting not the piano playing).  I finished the latest jumper (no. 6 for orphans) and knitted up three scarves using the left over wool from the Fisherman's cowls that I knit over a dozen of not last year the year before (well I think that's when it was).

The dark scarf is blue and grey, the photo just doesn't show it that well.

I really don't like sewing up that much but it's all part of the process I keep telling myself.

I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend whether it was in snow or rain.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

T Shirt alteration

The very lovely and very talented Angela Wolf  runs some great courses on Craftsy of which most of them I have bought (all be it in the sale usually). 

Tailoring ready to wear   is a smashing course and I have clothes in my wardrobe that I have never worn and I got this course with the intention of doing some alterations.

So this weekend I used my crafting for me time to alter a T shirt.  It has never been out of the wardrobe, tried on, loved the colour but felt like the side of a house in it. Angela Wolf says that if you want your tops to be more flattering then make them shorter - if they hide your tush completely they give you no shape - unless they are supposed to be a long top. 

One of the sections shows you how to shape a T shirt, make sleeves more flattering and shorten them.

So here is my before - thank you my dear Delilah for your modeling skills

Now good old Del is pretty thin, she is also pretty small in the bust - but even she looks like a sack me thinks....

After the alteration:-

I don't think you get the full effect as I really should have taken the photo on me but I am a tad shy..... but let me tell you it sits beautifully now and it will be very much worn instead of hiding in the cupboard.  I didn't alter anything else as the rest of the fit was fine. 

I had to use a double needle which was a tad scary but I got the hang of it and Angela's course was great.  I know there is at least one other t shirt in the cupboard that has the same issue so will be hunting that one out to alter it. 

K x

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I'm back... no excuses... no false promises

It's been a very "long" time since I posted anything and quite frankly if I had no followers I wouldn't be surprised !

I haven't had (for one reason and another) much CMT (crafting me time) but have decided to really try and make more of an effort.

I have during the last few months managed to knit five orphan jumpers - here's one of them! It's a really easy pattern, you start at the rib, work up and increase for the sleeves, cast off some for the neck opening, add them back again and then knit all the way down the back.  I was using donated wool from my sister for this one - she said it reminded her of a minion.  I have used moss stitch on the front body panel for a change, but to be honest it's one of those things that you can pick up and knit and not worry about concentrating too much.  I enjoy doing them and I hope they are keeping orphans warm somewhere!  I hand them in at the knit and knatter at the local library which I don't have time to attend but they are really happy to have the jumpers.

I have also knitted a premature baby pattern but didn't get on so well with this as it was on tiny needles and needed careful watching!

Over the Christmas holidays I had planned to ease myself back into playing piano, saxophone and sewing.  I managed the piano which I enjoyed very much - I am intending to carry on with this.  Didn't quite manage the saxophone but did get on the sewing machine - which I also loved.  It isn't anything super spectacular - just a pinny - adapted from a book I bought ages ago to go with a Craftsy Class by Diane Rupp.

She was a great tutor by the way on Craftsy!   When I think how far I have come with my sewing over the time... and how patience that young lady was with me !
So any hoo moving on....

Drum roll.... I even made my own bias binding - I present to you the evidence!

The pattern called for the pinny to be edged with a continuous edge of bias binding which formed the neck and back tie as well.  Once I got the hang of it and found some nifty videos on line on how to cut fabric efficiently (thank goodness for You Tube - other channels available LOL) it actually went pretty well.  The little tool just folds the fabric and then you press as you pull it along with a steamy iron!

So you can see I have pinned my binding on to the edge ready for stitching and then Delilah is kindly modeling said pinny with no front pocket.

These final two photos were taken last time (spot the error) - the pinny is NOT pressed.  To be honest I couldn't be bothered to drag the ironing board out (back right of photo) to iron it, so will give it a darn good press tonight which will sort out the presentation of said pinny.

Ironically Delilah is still wearing the pencil skirt that was the make from Diana Rupe's class on Craftsy!  I never did get around to wearing it - although I should really as the fabric is gorgeous but I rather fear at the moment my bottom won't fit into it (concentrating hard on loosing the Christmas weight - how is it that it takes seconds to put weight on but days/weeks to take it off).

So that's it so far - pinny finished (other than pressing)
Orphan jumper no. 6 is well on it's way - past the half way point but still knitting rear sleeve section
Piano going well - just need to get that sax out. 

I have just ordered another on line course from Tilly and the Buttons 
(have done a couple of courses before of Tilly's they are FABULOUS)


I haven't chosen a fabric yet, just waiting for the pattern to arrive through the letter box. 

I would also like to get back into my card making if I can - bought about 9 cards yesterday in the card shop - nearly £20.00 ! ! !   It's shameful really as I have a lot of nice card etc in my cupboard just sitting there sobbing quietly to itself waiting to be used. 

Happy New Year to you all (if anyone is reading this LOL)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fisherman's Cowl !

Firstly - as you will have gathered I am amazingly privileged to live in a tiny hamlet in the heart of the Cranborne Chase which is an area of outstanding beauty with breathtaking rolling hills, lush green valleys and an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna.  We were out walking at the weekend (one of our favourite hobbies) not far from home - actually in a little valley called Tinkley Bottom, and Phillip spotted this.  We have another one we found not from from this spot a couple of years ago which is bigger but this one is almost perfect for mounting on some oak as a jewellery stand - I haven't decided what to do with it yet, I may mount both of them for our new orangery if when it gets finished.

Below photo is the well known (by any regular blog reader) Fisherman's cowl. The colour is really gorgeous in real life and was requested by my good friend Carol.  They only take a few hours to knit up and as I love cable it was a joy to do. I bought two balls of the wool and am half way through another one that will match my everyday walking coat perfectly.  In this jolly cold weather the cowls are really warm and snug around your neck without making too much bulk in your coat. 

Counting down to my trip to Hansons... only two more sleeps !

Monday, 16 January 2017

Sewing Update

So the Tilly and the Buttons Jersey top is finished - really enjoyed the course and even a complete beginner could follow it.  However - I am also following a course on Craftsy which is fitting knits by Patsy Palmer which shows you how to really fit knits.  I did not use their method for this top BUT would in the future I think.  I have a couple of fairly big boobies assets which really need to be taken into consideration a bit more.  I really would like to get to grips with this type of sewing as my T shirts are never a good fit and quite honestly I look like a sack of potatoes in them.

Here I am all cut out and ready to start sewing the pieces together, as you can see there aren't a lot of pieces to worry about - first time cutting out jersey which didn't go too badly.  I used a fair few pins and then a rotary cutter which seemed to be easier than scissors.
The neck didn't go too badly - you can stretch it out too much and it gapes a bit and on fitting I found I had a bit of a gape on the rear - I got around this by threading some elastic cotton into the seam from shoulder to shoulder - you just draw it up as you need to and knot off.  It doesn't then lay flat when it's off the body but lays nicely on the body.  Note to self be a little bit more careful next time and maybe reduce the neck piece a bit more to compensate.

The hem was a bit tricky - it is prone to stretching too and I did make a boo boo - I over locked and did not change the differential feed so it stretched it out.  To get around this I just readjusted the side seams after the event.

And here I am (slippers and all) in said top!  I wish he had used "beauty face" on the camera LOL!

All in all not too shabby a job and I'm pleased with it.  I am already on the next project which is another pinafore dress using this material from my stash.

Despite my prior posts there is a girly trip planned to Hansons this Saturday as they have another 20% extra off their sale prices - too good to miss and I am sure it will involve coffee and cake !