Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fisherman's Cowl !

Firstly - as you will have gathered I am amazingly privileged to live in a tiny hamlet in the heart of the Cranborne Chase which is an area of outstanding beauty with breathtaking rolling hills, lush green valleys and an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna.  We were out walking at the weekend (one of our favourite hobbies) not far from home - actually in a little valley called Tinkley Bottom, and Phillip spotted this.  We have another one we found not from from this spot a couple of years ago which is bigger but this one is almost perfect for mounting on some oak as a jewellery stand - I haven't decided what to do with it yet, I may mount both of them for our new orangery if when it gets finished.

Below photo is the well known (by any regular blog reader) Fisherman's cowl. The colour is really gorgeous in real life and was requested by my good friend Carol.  They only take a few hours to knit up and as I love cable it was a joy to do. I bought two balls of the wool and am half way through another one that will match my everyday walking coat perfectly.  In this jolly cold weather the cowls are really warm and snug around your neck without making too much bulk in your coat. 

Counting down to my trip to Hansons... only two more sleeps !

Monday, 16 January 2017

Sewing Update

So the Tilly and the Buttons Jersey top is finished - really enjoyed the course and even a complete beginner could follow it.  However - I am also following a course on Craftsy which is fitting knits by Patsy Palmer which shows you how to really fit knits.  I did not use their method for this top BUT would in the future I think.  I have a couple of fairly big boobies assets which really need to be taken into consideration a bit more.  I really would like to get to grips with this type of sewing as my T shirts are never a good fit and quite honestly I look like a sack of potatoes in them.

Here I am all cut out and ready to start sewing the pieces together, as you can see there aren't a lot of pieces to worry about - first time cutting out jersey which didn't go too badly.  I used a fair few pins and then a rotary cutter which seemed to be easier than scissors.
The neck didn't go too badly - you can stretch it out too much and it gapes a bit and on fitting I found I had a bit of a gape on the rear - I got around this by threading some elastic cotton into the seam from shoulder to shoulder - you just draw it up as you need to and knot off.  It doesn't then lay flat when it's off the body but lays nicely on the body.  Note to self be a little bit more careful next time and maybe reduce the neck piece a bit more to compensate.

The hem was a bit tricky - it is prone to stretching too and I did make a boo boo - I over locked and did not change the differential feed so it stretched it out.  To get around this I just readjusted the side seams after the event.

And here I am (slippers and all) in said top!  I wish he had used "beauty face" on the camera LOL!

All in all not too shabby a job and I'm pleased with it.  I am already on the next project which is another pinafore dress using this material from my stash.

Despite my prior posts there is a girly trip planned to Hansons this Saturday as they have another 20% extra off their sale prices - too good to miss and I am sure it will involve coffee and cake !

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Just in time for the cold weather !

I spotted this hat design on line and my lovely sister found me the pattern.  It was easy enough to knit as you start to knit the rows of pattern of the hat first and then the tricky bit comes picking up the fold over rib and knitting in a round.  Note to self, do not try knitting this on a lot of small length needles as the stitches come off - start as you mean to go on with a round needle (which I did half way through).  It was a whole thirty rows of the rib which was just round and round and round and round and round   I think you get the idea.

The pom pom was SUPER quick to make - let me introduce you to a fabulous Handimania blog   seriously it was done in minutes !

I only had two options for the photo 1. get my dear hubby to photograph me in said hat which would have meant dragging him away from his TV show, or 2. plant hat on said husband's head and take photo with reluctant and slightly bemused expression - the latter obviously took place!

In my usual style I have enough wool (all be it in a different colour) to make another which I may well do as rather pleased with this one.  I do actually have enough knitted hats (and scarves) to wear a different one every day of the week and more but hey ho, it keeps me out of mischief.

I have an order from a friend to make a Fisherman's cowl for her which I have the wool on order for so that will be next.

Please note these are projects for in front of the TV and not as a cop out of the sewing new years resolution.

On the sewing front the jersey top is almost there so that will be my next posting!

K x 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Little bit ashamed.....

Hansons the delicious fabric and wool shop at Sturminster Newton and one of my January indulgences (due to their super January sale) was in the front of my mind last night as I was writing my diary in bed and having read a bit more of Tilly Walnes Book - I was imagining all sorts of new projects and fabric.... then I thought it would be a good idea to go and have a look at what I did have in my fabric cupboard...THAT'S when I got just a little bit ashamed !

There was a selection of several different types of fabric which will do for a lot of the projects I have in mind and I felt so bad that I had gaily (in my head) decided on buying a whole heap of new stuff without even looking at what I already had.

I spent a very happy half an hour sorting through all the fabric - there are at least six, possibly 8 pieces of fabric I have bought in the past for clothes making that have not seen the light of day and with the exception of one piece which is clearly labelled "not yet washed" the rest are all ready to go.

There was also a whole pile of fat quarters for quilting which I lovingly folded and added to the basket with the rest of the fabric in for quilting.

This has really focused me with ideas and I am buzzing to get started - clothes and quilts whizzing round in my head!

After I had calmed down and put everything away again I started to think seriously about I want to do.  As you will know from previous postings I made my own blouse - although I didn't really like the style that much when it was finished I enjoyed the course very much.  I have just purchased the Tilly and the Buttons on line course for the Button Down Shirt and Dress which  comes with the Rosa pattern - 30% off at the minute,so that's on my list, as are some pyjamas from her book and a whole host of other things.  I am also twitching to make a quilt, I have a bear paw one I started before Xmas which has to be finished first before a new quilt start.... so lots to do and lots of things to look forward to.

K x

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year Plans

I wasn't going to write a diary this year until I realised how much I missed doing it over the last couple of days - so I went and bought one yesterday and filled in the last few days.  

It got me thinking..... what do I want to achieve this year..... I kind of know what I don't want to do which is anymore cross stitch.  I loved the SAL last year but it took up too much time and I became totally obsessed with it so that is a big NO on my list this year.  I do have my Bothy Threads sewing room sampler that I take on holiday with me if I feel the need to stitch.  

I also don't want to get too embroiled with any knitting.  As you know I finished the knitted dog and have enough to do another one if the urge takes me and I have a hat on the go which is nearly done - although why I am knitting hats when I have loads of them I have no idea.  

So what do I want to achieve - MAKING MY OWN CLOTHES!

I made the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo during the run up to Xmas, I bought the kit (which included the pattern and the fabric) made it and have worn it - it's in the same colour as this photo the difference is I top stitched in a pink and I put the lower pockets on as well - Tilly encourages people to put their own mark on things.  I will get a photo next time I am in it but at the moment it's a bit chilly so am in jeans and jumpers!

One of the things I really liked what that it didn't have to have to be really fitted so it is manageable to achieve and quite honestly even a beginner could run this cheeky number up.  There is no zip and the clips literally attach without any sewing.  I really enjoyed it and I am sure I will be making more in the future maybe with different fabrics!

One of my resolutions was to read at least two pages of a sewing book from my collection every night before going on to my fiction.  Currently I am re-reading Tilly's book "Love at First Stitch" and there are a few projects in there I'm going to try.

I have just signed up for Tilly's on line class learn how to sew knits complete with Agnes sewing pattern. The pattern hasn't arrived yet but there are other things I want to get on with in the meantime.  I want to set myself a goal of achieving one hand sewn clothing item a month - whether this is achievable I don't know but they won't all be massive, but it would be great to actually look back at the end of the year and have achieved some of them.  I have in the past made a few items - making them isn't really the issue, it's getting a good fit but thanks to my Craftsy classes I am getting to grips with some of the fitting issues!  (The Palmer Pletsch fitting courses are amazing)

So lots of using my Craftsy courses, my reference books, making and finishing and most importantly FUN ! For ages I kept saying to myself oh I'll wait until I loose weight until I do that or I don't think I can manage that - now I'm determined to push that aside and make some clothes!

Finally I know my blog is a smidge bit boring and I don't blog very often - so what I do blog I want to be interesting to others and a record of my achievements - so hopefully some more photos of action shots throughout, more description and a bit more umph !

Bring it ON !