Monday, 22 August 2016

August progress

I couldn't manage the lazy daisy stitches so after a frustrating hour trying I made up my own flowers. I have seen lots of different takes on this SAL so I thought it wouldn't matter too much.  It certainly won't affect the finished product and the person receiving it won't know.  I would really like to get it finished by the end of August but there is still a fair bit to do.

We were hedge cutting again this weekend - I am pleased to report that the front is finished, the beech side hedge and back hedge are also finished  but the huge one down the other boundary is still waiting to be done ! ! ! I said to my dear husband that if he wanted me to help him with it it would have to be done in stages as I am not as young as I was and work a really long week with the business - so that's what we did.  It had grown like mad so we had loads to come off the top and sides.

It wasn't all hedge cutting, we walked to the golf club with the dog and had lunch out which was lovely and on Saturday we met with M & FIL for coffee and cake in the morning at the local garden centre.  It was really nice to catch up with them and FIL actually looked quite well!

Our anniversary on Friday (27 years) was celebrated with a meal at the Castleman - a very lovely small family run hotel not far from us - the steak is beautiful there and we both really enjoyed it.

Hope you all had a good weekend

k x

Friday, 19 August 2016

Snowflower Diaries

My August Snowflower diaries sttiching is not progressing terribly well I am afraid to say, having not picked it up for at least 3 weeks !  I need to get a wriggle on as September (which is cute owls) is waiting in the wings (pardon the pun)

I will try and make sure I do some over the weekend as we are expecting a lot of rain!

We recently bought a blow up kayak (no room to transport the normal type) and have had a couple of really nice sessions on the local river - the weather has been amazing.  Our little dog (who also has a life jacket) really likes it too - which is amazing.  I said to my hubby we could give it a go and if he didn't like it at 14 we weren't going to push him, but clearly in his older years he is taking things in his stride a bit more as he sat as good as gold, really calm just watching the river go by which blew me away really.

We also went down to Kimmeridge last weekend for the day with friends to take them on the snorkel trail - with the exception of Phillip who wasn't over bothered and doggy sat whilst we did it.  It was amazingly clear and the 13 year old we had with us plus our adult friends really enjoyed it.

We also kayaked across the bay and back (the girls) not the chaps, finishing with a bar-b-que.

On the Sunday we went to Kingston Lacy which was just lovely (National Trust) followed by lunch at the golf club.

Monday night we went out for a ride on the motorbike with a friend of ours.  Tuesday we kayaked and Wednesday we went for a good walk.  Last night we went into town for a cold drink before coming home.  You can't say we didn't make hay whilst the sun shone - now it's raining :( Sad for the Bournemouth Air Show as it's supposed to be rotten tomorrow too.

Have a great weekend all.

K x

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another card

I'm having a total freak out !  

My on line calendar does not appear to be reminding me in time for birthdays !  I have gone through them all and checked they are on the relevant "email X days before" which should help and if the person hadn't come into work yesterday (he is a customer and friend) and mentioned it was his 60th at the end of the week I would have totally missed his birthday.

I am really tempted to go back to putting things in my desk diary - I thought the electronic repeating every year would be great but honestly I live in fear of missing people's birthdays!

I think this is card No. 6 since my pledge not to buy any (although I did have to buy one whilst on holiday - a sympathy one which wouldn't wait).

K xx

Monday, 25 July 2016

Some cards I made and a book I really enjoyed. True Story about a 15 year old girl who went to Bulgaria with her Mother and brother at aged 15 to visit her grandmother and got trapped behind the Berlin Wall until it was knocked down.