Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Seaside Town progress

My first block is finished... it consisted of the main piece and some 16 patch squares - I have done enough for the entire quilt as I obviously have all the instructions, so thought I just as well whilst I was doing them.  It was nice to do some fairly simple patchwork after the hand stitching of the block.

Block 2 has had me cursing.....

It is made up of English paper pieced cottage, with quite a few tiny pieces.  I have extra cottages to make as well to go round the outside so I am doing those at the same time (in for a penny in for a pound).  You can just see I have started the hand embroidery in the garden of the cottage on the left there are flowers and birds for the bottom and peacocks for above the chimneys.

I am ever hopeful it will stop raining at some point before winter comes again... I am so sick of the rain!

Monday, 26 March 2018

And I'm off......

I'm a bit rusty to say the least......

First job locate the fabric required to be put by for another block later in the series... as it happens I have all the blocks so I think the thin bits are for the rainbow in month 12 and the fatter bit is some sort of border.

I transferred the design on to the base fabric with a marker pen that disappears in a couple of days (best get a move on) due to not having anything else suitable..... and then cut out my first bit of applique.  I decided to use the method where you add a 1/4" seam allowance and fold that over and tack it in place, then stitch the piece on to your base fabric using a slip stitch. 

The tree is made up of three colours, so there's a fair bit of work, there are two little leaves and then three little berries on the end of each bit of branch.  I've put some stabilizer behind which helps with the thread shadows.  

Thursday, 22 March 2018

So excited - Seaside Town has arrived !

The lovely lady at Puddleducks  said my parcel would be with me on Thursday and my postie has just delivered it here to work.  SO EXCITED so couldn't wait to open it.....

And of course share some photos of the months.  This Block of the month was launched last year, hence why all the blocks were available straight away.  It's going to be a huge project BUT I am really looking forward to it!

 Each pack comes with full instructions and a painted button - although you can buy the buttons unpainted. 
 I love Lynette Anderson as her instructions are so clear and all of the designs are super cute.
 I am sure there will be a lot of new techniques for me.
 And it will be a MASSIVE challenge.
 But to be honest I have been missing something to really get my teeth into and this will give me the excuse to have some switch off time for me which has been sadly lacking for a while. 
 I enjoyed the jigsaws and the knitting for orphans as they were quick finishes.  This will make hopefully help me with my stress levels which have been way too high recently!
 Isn't that chicken button adorable !

 I am loving the washing and the button on the whale spout!

The more I look at them the more detail I see !

 And then of course there is the beautiful fabric pack that goes with it.... just delish !
Can't wait to start !

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

On the horizon.....

To settle my brain and switch off from a bit of a stressful time I have been doing jigsaw puzzles.  For anyone that knows me will know that I have a thing for Lighthouses !

This one was a bit tricky to do because of it's size and detail but I really enjoyed it and am a little reluctant to put it away !  I have done a few others as well, Woofits Sweet shop was lovely to do, the 100 dogs and 1 cat very frustrating and the other two I don't seem to have pictures of so I have borrowed them from Amazon!

So having sickened myself with squinting at puzzle pieces I just happened to receive a rather lovely email in my inbox today from Lynette Anderson..... Do you see what I see..... a lovely lighthouse....I have done one of her quilts before a long time ago and really enjoyed it - it will be heaps of work but I couldn't resist it.  It was originally released as a block of the month back in 2017 so I was able to purchase all the months and the fabric today and it will be delivered later in the week (thanks to Jo at Puddleduck Quilting who is marvelous).  I didn't buy the threads as I have two boxes of DMC which will do the job perfectly and save some money.

So finally I may have something of interest to post up during the coming months.  The fabric will be the same as the picture so it will go lovely in the spare room guest suite.

I have to say I am impatiently waiting for Spring - fed up with the cold, it's got right in my bones recently and made me feel really rather ill! 

I am also just about to order my reading glasses prescription on line - I was threading a needle earlier to repair a pair of gloves of Phillip's and couldn't see the needle hole - time to give in I think.... sigh

Hurry Mr Postman HURRY !

Monday, 22 January 2018

Miserable rainy weekend

I know some of you will have had snow but for the south it was rain this weekend and boy did it rain and rain and rain.

Saturday we went to Kingston Lacy for a walk with Barney - couldn't face the soaking wet muddy fields at home... it wasn't quite so wet there. This time  of the year there are literally thousands of snow drops.....

Yesterday it never stopped !  We did go out for a walk in the afternoon - it was saturated under foot and quite honestly if it wasn't for the fact the three of us were going mad to get out we probably wouldn't have bothered.

I spent most of the day knitting or practising piano - neck is suffering today a bit (the knitting not the piano playing).  I finished the latest jumper (no. 6 for orphans) and knitted up three scarves using the left over wool from the Fisherman's cowls that I knit over a dozen of not last year the year before (well I think that's when it was).

The dark scarf is blue and grey, the photo just doesn't show it that well.

I really don't like sewing up that much but it's all part of the process I keep telling myself.

I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend whether it was in snow or rain.