Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A blast from my past

I was recently contacted by a lad that used to live next door to me when I was between the age of 5 and 11. We used to have some right good fun and he contacted me to invite me to his special birthday party - his 40th, in Manchester. Unfortunately I was unable to go but I was so touched that he had remembered me and what a fun time we had had together. His brother was a bit of a dare devil and one day phoned the fire brigade from his own home phone to report a fire that didn't exist - boy did he get in trouble, sadly his brother has not done as well as Dave, bit too fond of the drink! My sister and I used to have the back bedroom of our semi detached house in Daniel Adamson Avenue (for those of you thinking who is he when he's at home sat on your sofa - he was the guy that designed the Manchester Ship Canal that ran past the bottom of our road end). Dave and his brother had the same bedroom next door and we were always getting in trouble for knocking on the wall to each other. He's a nice lad and done really well for himself - good for Dave eh. I can remember in safer times playing by the edge of the canal and a submarine went by, just the top showing and the telescope (how cool was that). We did see the occasional boat but it wasn't a particularly busy waterway - not sure what it's like now, probably full of old shopping trolleys and Fiat Puntos. I am sure it wasn't safe then but is probably really dangerous now - sad isn't it. I can remember Dave and I climbing trees and I could scale the extremely high chain link fence surrounding our school playing fields in seconds.

Brother in law recovering well from his operation - looked at his chest scar today courtesy of Skype - neat job. He did look tired bless him, hadn't had a very good night, hopefully he's had a rest today. My sister is off looking after him so at least he's not on his own. Get Well Soon Andy.

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