Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dentist !

This morning was our twice yearly dentistry checkup. Our dentist is a very lovely Polish lady but I still don't like going. Thankfully it was a clear check up but there was a bit of scale that had to be taken off and boy is that water cold - my teeth are so sensitive now it's unbelievable. Phillip also got a gold star. At least we are still being seen on the NHS which is more than some people - it still cost £32.00!

Spoke to my sister and Andy this morning via skype (marvellous little invention), my brother in law looked tired out bless him, they were waiting for his nurse to come in. In order to make Andy's life a bit easier getting dressed my sister had bought him a zip up cardigan, he looked really cute and a little helpless in it.

My sister and I had a peculiar conversation about "giblets" - by that I am referring to testicles. She said there were a lot of men on the ward Andy was in with loose fitting pyjamas and she had not realised just how low giblets get as men get older - she didn't know where to look half the time. It is comforting to know that men suffer with the same gravity problem as woman as they get older - although you don't hear woman making mean comments to men about it do you?

Little message for my long lost pal Jobe1 - thanks for the comments Jobe's - where have you been?

Not much else to say today - told you this blog was going to be boring.

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