Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Trees, trees and more trees

Hi everyone.

I took some first class pictures on my other camera last night - finally got the book out and worked out where I was going wrong BUT I couldn't get on line to upload them last night so had to bring them to my office today and take more photos (not very good ones) in order to post it on my blog as I know you are ALL waiting with baited breath for the next thrilling instalment of my blog (ha ha! - more entertainment watching paint dry).

I love the set of stamps that I used and believe you me I have a few, it's a stampin up one and has some lovely trees. I used some left over card from a previous challenge along with some yellow - I have been trying to use up the yellow for ages, there aren't many things you can use yellow for (well I find I can't suggestions welcome). The second card is a one of the other trees and again I really like it, I mounted it on the light green and the beige has a sheen to it. These are two cards to go in my "just in case I need a card box" as one of my resolutions this year was to have all my cards ready for any occasion and not be floundering and doing rubbish cards under pressure.

I would have taken a picture of my cross stitch too to show you my progress but that definately needs taking with the other camera as it's difficult to see as most of it is quite light.

Jo has a special offer on her blog for a really good deal on stampin up papers
(it's worth having a look), http://stampin-n-stuff.blogspot.com/

I keep getting my days confused today, for some bizarre reason I keep thinking it is Wednesday - it's going to be a nasty surprise tomorrow morning when I find it really is Wednesday and not Thursday.


  1. Lovely cards Karen.

    Isn't it horrible when you realise the weekend isn't so close after all!

  2. Love the cards Karen! I've got the 'Lovely as a tree' set too and love it.
    It's SO versatile.
    Viv xx