Thursday, 29 January 2009

I got a "first" home made card !

Hi all

My good buddy Rachel sent me her first home made card yesterday - she did a mighty fine job - well done Rach. I helped Rachel to do a scrapbook for her Mum's 70th before Xmas, I did all the layouts, mounting etc and Rachel put the words in. Her Mum was totally overwhelmed and really touched and it will be a well treasured gift. Rachel came to one of my girly craft days a while ago and decided to have a go at making her own cards, she bought some bits and bobs off Ebay and she's off. She's coming Saturday and I am going to give her some bits and pieces to start her off. She loves her new hobby and now sees how we have all become addicted. I was lucky enough to purchase a huge box of stuff from Jobe last year, loads of which I have used and never would have bought myself so I am going to pass some of that on to Rachel to give her a start.

I went over to Viv's blog this morning - she has just done the one of the cutest cards I have seen in a long time - nice work Viv.

It's finally Thursday bearing in mind it's been Thursday for two days for me as I can't get my head around the days of the week this week - old age creeping up......

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