Wednesday, 28 January 2009

It's a dog's life and some cards

Barney comes to work with us every day, we pop in and see my Mum on the way in the morning where he has a few biscuits and then we walk the rest of the way to our business. He loves sitting on the large window cill, looking out at the world and seeing who is coming in. He also likes to be cosy and loves being covered over. I couldn't resist taking this photo of him, sleeping away the afternoon after his lunch time walk.

The others photos are of some cards I made. One was for Phillip's Mum's birthday (the first one on the left of the two cards together) and the other was for a friend's birthday. The other card with the rocking horse on was for a Christening. I am really frustrated that these pictures are such poor quality as the cards in real life were really nice and I was so pleased with them.

I had some delicious ribbon that I had had on a parcel and I recycled it on to the cards. It was the most gorgeous pale pink, idea for ladies and babies. The rocking horse had a lovely little pink bead heart on the saddle and the pinks and mauve just looked so pretty together.

I often wonder what happens to the cards we all make, do people throw them out or keep them? I have to confess I keep mine as they give me good ideas and they are too beautiful to throw away. When you think of all the work that goes in to them it would be
tragic to think they end up in the bin.

Jobe phoned me yesterday! (the explanation mark is because Jo never phones me - well obviously she did as I just told you she did) It was really, really nice to speak to her, I miss her loads, both of us have busy lives and since we moved out to the country - both her and I - but in different places we hardly get to see each other at all. We don't live that far apart but with one thing and another we just don't get together. Jo and I have known each other more years that I can to remember - in fact over half my life. I'm only joshing about not phoning Jo - you've never been any different so I don't expect you to phone but it's a lovely surprise when you do.

Linda - when you read my blog today thanks for the advice x


  1. You are more than welcome Karen - I just hope it helped.

    Lovely cards and well done on recycling the ribbon. x

  2. Awwww just look at Barney. How cute is that picture!!! He's such a sweetheart.
    Loving those cards too Karen. They are gorgeous and don't worry too much about the photos, we can all see how pretty they are.
    Viv xx