Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's Snow good I can't run anymore

My gorgeous boy loves the snow and I just couldn't resist uploading this photo for you all to go "aaah isn't he cute"

He's a bit upset today as his mate Scruffy, (who literally is scruffy and a heinz) has been in a fight with a very scary German Shepherd that lives in our village and had to have a 2 1/2 hour operation on his leg and he's in loads of pain and a bad way. Barney loves scruffy so much, they are little and large and have such a great time together.

I have to confess if we see them coming we run in the opposite direction - the owners are pretty good with it but our Boo is so small and could easily be killed!

Get well soon Scruff Monster - we love ya. His Mum and Dad are coming for dinner on Saturday so hopefully we will get an update.


  1. ciao Barney!! You look great in the snow!!


  2. Snow! Not even a smidgen down here.... :( Very cute piccie of little Barn. x

    Get well soon Scruff! :)

  3. He He!
    And poor scruffy it's so distressing when an animal is attacked and hurt, - is he okay...