Monday, 19 January 2009

Teacosy Triumph and other stuff!

Jen - enjoy your few days away with your grandchildren, hope they don't wear you out too much and see you Saturday night to hear all about it.

The picture on the right is from my sister Lou who started and completed it this weekend - nice work Lou. It looks really smart on your tea pot. Lou bought a lovely book off Amazon dedicated to Tea Cosy knitting patterns. I might have to change from knitting scarfs - I had a count up I have knitted 14 - crazy isn't it and one hat. I do wear a scarf most of the time even indoors as it helps my throat but getting a bit sick of doing them now.

Linda will be delighted to read that I did some work on my Ickle Ted cross stitch this weekend - I made a list on New Years Day of all the things that I want to achieve this year, one of them being to finish the cross stitch. I am now sure why I bought it as I have some lovely kits that I have not even started. Linda bought me a beautiful one a few years ago of a bird table and birds and I have a Time with friends - Forever friends one including clock mechanism..... I had put them away and forgotten I had them - bonkers or what.

I didn't do any cards this weekend although I did think long and hard about the first two peas in a pod card that I have to do for homework so watch this space for that appearing - hopefully with a better photo than the last ones! (sorry Jobe!)

Had some easy going people over for dinner on Saturday night, two couples from our village. Food turned out well, although I am no Delia Smith and we had a good time and a bit of a laugh. Sunday we headed down to the beach for walk with the dog, boy was the wind cold but the sun was out and the sky was blue, dog had a whale of a time.
Have a good week all.
Would you believe it, Saturday morning we are outside talking to our neighbour, we live in a tiny village and our friend Rachel drives by in her car - she lives about 15 miles from us. Wonder what the odds are of that happening, us being outside at the right time as she is going by.....
Broadband pooped at home - phoned BT to ask for my money back and said it was rubbish. They checked the line and said there is an external fault. I said if they fixed it and it still didn't give me a reasonable service then I would demand my money back quoting the sales of good act. 25 minutes to connect then 5 minutes in disconnect, lose everything and then take 1/2 an hour to reconnect - not good and so annoying.
Andy, bru in law not doing too badly, cold wind nearly finished him off yesterday but when I spoke to him earlier he said his walk this morning had gone better. Lou has gone to work this morning but back with him this afternoon. He was doing a model of a motorbike but said it was not being able to do things that was driving him a bit nuts.


  1. What a beautiful tea cosy.... even if I did knit it myself lolol

  2. Yes it is a beautiful tea cosy Lou!!! lol