Tuesday, 27 January 2009

It's a good job I love you Barney... even if you do STINK!

My lovely, adorable little dog decided to roll in something absolutely horrendously stinky yesterday lunch time - with limited resources I did my best to stem the pong and even after a good 10 minutes of soaping and scrubbing in the shower he still STINKS! I have wiped his ears out in case there is anything in there, he has been sprayed with doggy deodorant and had his collar washed......

I love the first photo of him. I sent this photo into the Rex Factor (Chris Evan's competition for a doggy mascot - sadly he was not successful, I have no idea why- he's so cute! (we all think that of our pets don't we).

The second is the first sign that things are starting to grow and Spring is just around the corner, the nights are starting to draw out and the birds are ever so slightly starting to sing......can't wait for Spring!


  1. I love it when snowdrops appear - as you say the first signs that Spring is on it's way.

    Pooh Barney - aren't they just 'wonderful' when they do that. Max did that last week!

  2. I love that first one too Karen - and excellent photography too!!! lol

    Roll on spring..I can't flippin wait!


  3. Well Barney gets MY vote!!!!
    Viv xxx