Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Snow Beard !

Not much to report today so I thought I would share this rather lovely picture of our little lad with you all (all two you that read my blog ha). it was taken the last time we had snow - not that long ago. Barney loves the snow and as you can see his chin is sporting a rather lovely snow beard - cute or what. This picture will eventually make it on to a scrapbook page when I get around to it.

Brother in law making progess but slowly - he looked worn out yesterday. Still it is early days.
Still waiting to hear from Jobe1 if she is going to join the two peas in a bucket card making class on line.... come on Jobe! Looks like Rachel is in and I think Lou is, so that only leaves you Jobe!


  1. Sorry Karen I'd forgotten about the card thingy... I'll have a look in the week.


  2. Awww he looks a right little character1

  3. haha! he's so cute! Ozzy would have never stepped foot in the snow...he's too prissy for that!