Friday, 6 February 2009

birthday girl continued

When we got back I opened my presents and cards - I had some really lovely things.

My Mum had given me some money, part of which I used to buy new walking boots, some of it I have used for Jobe's paper share and to buy a scallop punch - will keep the rest to treat myself to something. My Mum is also taking Phillip and I, Lou, Andy and Stu out for a meal on the 14th as a treat - thanks Mum x

My lovely sister bought me the cutest mixing bowl - it's white china with hearts round it. I do a lot of baking and sadly dropped my old bowl which I had had for years recently on the kitchen floor and smashed it, I hadn't been able to find a new one that I liked and I was using a horrible cheap metal thing UGH. For those of you who really know me you will know I bake every week so it was a very welcome and appreciated gift - thanks Lou Lou. My nephew Stuart sung happy birthday down the phone to me and sent a lovely card and Lou bless her had filled her card with tiny sparkly stars and things which are still being found all over the place.

My Dad and his wife bought me a genuine 5th February 1969 newspaper - it comes with a certificate of authenticity and also a leather folder to keep it in. It's the Times Newspaper and the headlines are about President Nixon and that the longest surviving liver transplant patient had died (he only had his operation in Sept 68 and was dead by 5th Feb 69 which just goes to show how medicine has come on.

Jenny bought me a cashmere jumper - a grey one ,it's so soft - thank you Jen xxx

Jobe did me proud, I had some wonderful goodies, my favourite a set of stamps from stampin up which I had admired and a gorgeous necklace (photos of everything to follow shortly). I had a huge pack of 100 sheets of card in twenty different colours and loads and loads of scrap booking and card making stuff. I also had a bag with body shop bits in too which I have already started using. Her card was amazing - I will post a photo and also the little box with the necklace in. You can have a look on her blog at - thank you so much Jobe. As Jobe says on her blog we have known each other for 22 years and been through thick and thin together x x

My Nan bought me a silver and mother of pearl necklace - very pretty.

I had beautiful flowers from my friend Mo - I posted a picture in an earlier blog but will post a new one of them in the vase in a few minutes.

My very special and dear friend Linda made me a gorgeous card - with wonderful words, we had an agreement not to buy each other present as we are going on a special trip this year. Linda and Ian will be celebrating 25 years of marriage and with it being a special birthday for me this year we are going on a trip on the Orient Express in June. We leave Bath in the morning and have breakfast on the train before arriving in London, we have a trip on the London Eye and then a trip on the Thames plus shopping time followed by a champagne 3 course dinner on the way back. I am very excited about the trip, as are Phillip, Linda and Ian.

My other very dear friend Rachel who has just got into card making made me a lovely card too - picture to follow - thanks Rachel.

I had loads of cards - thank you every one.

I must give a mention to my Auntie Pat. She is an incredibly fit lady who cycles miles and miles with my Uncle John - they operate tours through come biking, cycling through India, Louse and other exotic places. Whilst she was out training a couple of weeks ago she came off her bike, she was bruised from head to foot and broke her finger and was in a cast and sling. She had it taken off last week but I had a note from her yesterday to say she was back in a cast - GET WELL SOON AUNTIE PAT and thanks for the card.

Phillip took me out for lunch yesterday to the True Lovers Knot - it was delicious, we are going back with the family on the 14th - can't wait. I spent the afternoon making cards with my new things from Jo and also my blog candy win from Jenny.

We had another walk with the dog in the snow and then headed out into the hot tub. I decided as it was a special day and it's supposed to be inspiring to spend ten minutes in the hot tub and then lay in the snow - it was dark by the way. Flipping eck ! I laid in the snow in the buff on the decking but got back in the hot tub pretty sharpish - inspiring ? ! ! BL**DY shocking to the system and my little botty was quite frost bitten.

Thanks everyone for everything and for making my day so special.

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  1. Very brave of you to lie in the snow after being in the hot tub!