Friday, 6 February 2009

Birthday Girl

(Phillip kind of looked stuck on the first photo - I think it was the flash)

Hi All
There are going to be a lot of posts today as I have so much to share with you. First of all thank you to everyone for my lovely cards and presents and also to Jenny Moors for my blog candy that I won (which also turned up yesterday).

I had a lovely lovely day. We got up later than usual and had breakfast and then went straight out with the dog to have a walk in all the snow. We still have piles and piles of it as you will see from the photos. When I was born, a significant number of years ago it snowed so it was quite poignant that it snowed yesterday. Here are some of the snow pictures - it was pretty dull so the photos aren't very bright but I just wanted you to see how much snow we had. We had a great walk, the dog loves it but by the time we got back we were pretty worn out - it's hard work going up hill and down dale in the snow!

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  1. happy Belated Birthday karen!!!

    Elena and Noè