Monday, 9 February 2009

I got a Radley Purse, I got a Radley Purse

Due to horrendous snow last week my Mum and Dad in Law were unable to give me my birthday present so they popped to work today to give it to me. For those of you who don't know Radley is VERY posh and they do beautiful bags and purses, brollies etc. I was very impressed with my pressie - my buddy Rachel has a Radley bag so I am kind of thinking maybe she could loan me her bag so I can use the purse and then she can borrow the purse to put in her bag. There is a saying don't keep your best frock for best otherwise you never wear it - same goes for the Radley purse - me thinks I will be using it all the time. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

PS it's been raining all day which luckily for us didn't turn to snow - thank goodness.

Hi Jen - I know you are reading my blog xxx

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  1. Ooh you lucky girl - we saw lots of Radley purses and handbags when we were on our cruise - I was very tempted - but I went for the Kipling range.