Friday, 13 February 2009

It's Friday

Morning all - it's nearly the end of the week - yee haa. This weekend my dear Mum is taking us all out for a meal, I say all, that's me, Phillip, Lou and Andy and would have been Stuart, my nephew but he's going to stay with a friend for a few days for half term. We are off to the True Lovers Knot where Phillip and I went on my birthday. Really looking forward to it firstly as I get to spend time with my lovely sister and my Mum and secondly the food is really yummy.

Jobe popped in yesterday with the papers and ribbons and a little extra of some gorgeous felt flowers and shiny brads and the card that you saw yesterday. Jobe is trying to get a stampers 6 or 8 up and running which is a really great way of getting stampin up products. If you are interested I am sure she will tell you all about it. She may well be putting something on her blog - you can find her at I had a little play with what I received yesterday and WOW it's lovely, lovely stuff. (I use the word lovely a lot).
My first photo is a better picture of the gorgeous little card Jobe gave me with my purchase - isn't it beautiful. The second & third are the card I did last night with my new goodies - Lou and Rachel if you are reading this you will not be disappointed with your purchase I promise. Rachel - yours has gone in the post and Lou I have yours ready to give you tomorrow!

I love Jo's card, the colours, the size the professionalism of it - this is the beauty of stampin up all the colour co-ordinate - who wouldn't be pleased to receive a card like this one. Jo is very clever and has a really good eye (hence why we use her at our card group for demonstrating)

As you will see from my card I am using the felt flowers that Jo gave me - they are a very good quality and I think make a great addition to the card. I double mounted my words and used my new scallop punch to take the corners off my spotty paper - I was pleased with the result but have to own up some of my inspiration came from the card Jo gave me.

On a different subject - but relevant to my blog, Lou gave me a mixing bowl for my birthday - well it had it's first christening last night - me and that bowl are going to be great friends. The chocolate cake is waiting for my family get together tomorrow - it's keeping Phillip's mitts off the cake that's going to be the problem HA
Have a great weekend all and happy card making. Lou Lou, safe journey, can't wait to see you all. Mumsie - see you at the pub.

K x


  1. What a beautiful card from Jo - she's so talented isn't she! She always inspires me so much! I love your cards too - love the way you've used those scrummy felt flowers. Have a great weekend! Kate x