Monday, 2 February 2009

It's snowing

My sister Lou has just been on the phone to tell them that they have 8" of snow and a blizzard and that she has been sent home from work (she lives in Hook in Hampshire). We have snow here but only just over an inch (Wimborne) but when we left our hamlet this morning it was pretty dodgy. My Mum's boss came down to pick her up as I wasn't happy with her driving and I walked down with her to the pick up point, literally two steps from the car and she slipped luckily not over ! ! It's still snowing a little but think more is on the way later. The dog and I walked in from Mum's it was lovely seeing the kids out snowballing and having fun - had to defrost the dog when we got to work though.

Be careful everyone and have fun in the snow!

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