Monday, 2 February 2009

My sister and her snowman

What a lot of blogging today. Lou has just sent me these photos, she lives in Hook in Hampshire, the first is her and Stuart's lovely snowman, the second is Pancake cat not impressed with the snow and the second a picture from her bedroom window - doesn't it all look lovely. It's snowing here heavily but not laying on the roads, wonder what it will be like at home in the middle of the country!

Take care all x


  1. ooh you lucky people - no snow this far down south as yet - but we very rarely see snow anyway - probably because we live so close to the sea

  2. Bottoms... I did write a comment but it got lost in the word verification thingy.

    Cool Mr Snowman..... not enough to a midget here!


  3. Im glad you all like Frank, he is still standing even after all the funny weather we have had today :)