Monday, 16 February 2009

My very special sister Louise

I wanted to make this post just about Lou, my one and only sister. Lou and I are very close and at the moment things are a bit tough for her as she had to relocate up to Hook in Hampshire last year and hasn't really settled that well. She is missing her old house and friends and of course her Mum and I. We mail every day and try and speak on the phone but it's not quite the same as being 10 miles away.

Lou is beautiful, talented, funny, intelligent, kind and caring, she is a brilliant Mum to Stuart and a good wife to Andy, she is the best sister I could ever ask for.

Lou bought me some presents on Saturday - two she had made herself which I was very touched about and the last was a little book entitled for a special sister. She had knit me a gorgeous tea cosy which had a new tea pot underneath and also a piece of sponge cake - see the photos, they are brilliant and I love them both.

We are already using the new tea pot and cosy - with strict instructions to take the cosy off before pouring and the cake I will treasure. The little book is really sweet and appreciated so much . You can see from the photo of the tea cosy she has sewn doggy themed buttons on it which is just perfect. Thank you so much Lou, I really appreciate all your hard work and for making me feel special.

I love you very much and I hope the small things I do for you make you feel special too and that you are soon feeling more settled and happy. Remember you can always pick up the phone and borrow my ear x x x x


  1. Lou you certainly are special - great fun to be with and very talented. I just love all those knitted items. I wish I had a sister like you x

  2. Awww bless! Your lucky girl with the pressies!
    And I have to agree, Lou is very special. I have such fun when I'm with you girls, Lou is so bubbly and funny - I wish I had a relationship with my sister as you two do (can I be your sisters too??). I love you too Lou!! xxx