Monday, 16 February 2009

My weekend - the fourth post of the day!

Finally, I get to post about Saturday. I had such a great time. Lou, Andy and Stuart came at 10.30 and had a cup of tea and a bit of homemade chocolate cake before Lou went off to have her hair done. Stuart stayed with me and I played on the PlayStation with him - he is so good and I am basically rubbish at all the games. Andy sat and read his papers until it was time to drop Stuart off at his friend and for us to meet my Mum at the True Lovers Knot for lunch. I had tarragon chicken with rice and a few chips and the Phillip had the lasagna, it was very nice indeed. We headed back to our place, the girls ended up doing some knitting and cross stitching - we seemed to be sharing projects, rotating occasionally when we got fed up.

The girls and Barney went out for a walk, leaving the boys at home, it was great, we don't usually get to go out just the three of us. We had some tea and laughed a lot and then it was time for everyone to go home which was sad - the time went so quickly. It had been a really great day and it's so nice for us to get together.

Sunday we had two long walks with the dog - it's so nice to have it a bit milder, the birds were singing and the snow drops are really out now - so beautiful. Made some cards - you'll see them later in the week and found a load more things for e bay!

And here we are again Monday.......

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