Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Oh my goodness what can I post today.

Today is a flat blog day ! I didn't do anything crafty last night to post, it had been raining all day and we were late home so I went in the home gym and had a good workout instead! I do have here for your eyes only a page I did for a scrapbook of my brother, me and my sister Lou. Sorry about the poor picture quality. I am triumphant that I have managed to move the picture - thanks for the help Linda - I wasn't being firm enough with it. The little dog in the picture was Pip, my Nan and Grandad's dog - he was such a good little dog bless him.

The snow had not gone when we left the village this morning - it's been sunshine and blue sky today thank goodness, about time - not sure the snow will have melted though as it's pretty cold. Sold quite a few bits on e bay today - not making millions but hey ho it's still better in my pocket.

Hop over to Linda's blog today and see her invitations she has been making for her silver wedding - really pretty. She is so clever and so productive.

Right off to get some inspiration and empty my very full in tray!

K xx

PS still love the Radley purse !

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