Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Balls and Snow Legs !

Barney loves the snow - and the snow loves him. We had a magical walk in the dark last night in the fields, looking at the footprints of the various types of wildlife that had been out and about including deer, hares, rabbits and badgers. Barney went completely mad leaping in the snow drifts which sometimes covered him! The photos are off his legs, he couldn't walk in the end where he had picked up so much snow, particularly on the front. A warm shower and then a towel off in front of the wood burner soon sorted him out. It was truly amazing.

It took us 1/2 an hour to get up the drive way to our garage last night with the help of two shovels, Bob our next door neighbour and some sand - it was very dangerous and also it was blizzard! This morning it was no less than minus 10 and very slippy under foot and car in the lanes - but we do live in the middle of nowhere. It took twice as long to get to work but we still arrived on time having left early - I am proud to say all of our men got in ok too both days.

Have a look over at E bay at all the things I am selling - I go under the name kbiffa. Maybe you might like to make a bid for something. Jobe - sorry I have a bid on the cuttlebug so I don't feel I can withdraw it now :( Sorry.

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