Monday, 9 February 2009

Snow Crazy....

Hi All
Phew, glad to be getting back to normal, having had a terrible journey home on Friday lunch time - it normally takes 20 minutes but it took 2 hours 10 minutes. It was a white out - blizzard, freezing cold, roads covered in snow and ice and very frightening. We just about made it back to the village but couldn't get the car up the drive so parked it in the neighbours opposite who live more on the flat. At one stage we thought we would be leaving the car and walking the rest of the way. We were unable to get out of our village until Sunday lunch time due to ice and snow on the road. Saturday of course it was magical, we slid down slopes on plastic bags, trudged through the snow, took beautiful photos and had a jolly time, by Sunday we were going slightly insane! We did go out to Salisbury in the afternoon to get some supplies and thankfully this morning although we still have snow in the garden and fields etc it's raining so the roads are clear.
Our little dog Barney loved sliding down the slope on my knee - so cute - we had great fun but boy was it tiring! He has had a wonderful time in the snow - really loved it and I can't wait to show my Mum the video of him - he is so cute.
So... for those of you desperate to see some more snow pictures...... here they are.
K x
PS Will someone tell me how I can write first and post the pictures further down the page please - it's driving me bonkers.


  1. Lovely photos Karen - I normally do my writing first and then add the photos and then drag the photos down to where I want them to be - hope that helps x

  2. Lovely photos Karen. I normally do my writing first and then upload the photos and then drag them to where I want them to go - hope that helps x

  3. I know you are going to think I am totally thick but I click on the photos and can't really get them to move....... UGH

    also I would love a counter on my blog but I can't manage that either !