Friday, 13 March 2009

Accident !

Hi Girls

For those of you who don't know we have a joinery company that manufactures windows, doors
staircases etc. My brother in law Nick, the third partner in the firm cut part of this thumb off last night just before closing. He came into our office where Phillip and I work at great speed with a weird grin on his face and then calmly said he had chopped his thumb off, opened his hand and there is was. I knew we had to get the piece into some ice but not directly in ice, so we took him downstairs and sat him down and got the thumb sorted out. I called 999 and the lady on the end of the phone was great, by this time Nick had passed out and we had to get him on the floor. She was brilliant, she asked me loads of questions and calmed me down - you can imagine it was a bit shocking. The paramedic came and was impressed that Phillip has bandaged it up and had him on the floor with his arm up and that the piece had been wrapped up, he blue lighted him down to Poole hospital. Once he was morphined up and examined they decided that they would stand a better chance at Odstock at Salisbury so he went up there.
They said to Nick that it would be a 4-6 hour op, a week in hospital and 6 weeks recovery - and no guarantee or they could operate tomorrow and use the skin off the sawn off bit to graft it on to the end - he took the second option.
It was very shocking, both Phillip and I were in shock last night and couldn't eat anything and both up at 5.00 this morning after a very restless night - still feel very upset this morning, particularly when we got the call to say they were not sewing it back on... we had done all we could with the thumb piece and they said we could not have done anymore. Poor Nick.
So it's a real Friday the 13th today for us.
I have been to the ambulance station today with a thank you card and chocolates for the paramedic who was fantastic and I have the address to write to thank the lady who helped me on the phone - you just don't realise what a great help and how calming and reassuring these people are until you are on the other end of a phone panicing.
Take care all - you just never know what is round the corner.


PS Just for reference IF someone chops something off, you need to put it in a clean clear plastic bag then put that bag into ice IMMEDIATELY, then wrap it tightly in a towel. If you want to save the limb you have act straight away!


  1. Oh my word Karen - what a horrifying experience - I'm sorry they weren't able to put Nick's finger back on, but am very thankful nothing more serious happened to him. I will keep you all in my thoughts during the coming months. I hope I will never have to use the tip you provided, but thank you for passing it on, one just never knows. You are correct in that people you help you through situations such as this can be the most comforting ones in the world and they usually don't get enough thank yous and you are very kind to do that for them. I know it means so much to them. Passing on hugs to you all. Janet

  2. Wishing Nick a speedy recovery and hoping you will all recover from the shock soon. Sending you big hugs.

    A lovely gesture from you to those that helped you out - you are very kind and generous Karen.

    Linda x

  3. OMGosh Karen!!! I'm in shock reading this! I really hope everything goes well for him and them can fix his thumb. Do you ever notice Crazy Col's bent finger? He chopped the top off that many moons ago. Losing a thumb though.. crumbs I can't imaging.

    Hope you, Phillip and Nicks family are ok too.


  4. Wow!! sorry to hear about your brother in law, and the horror you must have felt. praying for a successful surgery. Blessings. Renee