Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Back to nice things today...... cards

Morning Girls and what another beautiful morning, the sun is out and the sky is a gorgeous blue - I love Spring.
My challenge to myself was to use up some blue card and papers that I had - I am not good with blue, however I don't think they have come out half bad. The first card, although you can't see it has a SU flower versa marked on the blue - sorry I am so frustrated with my photos!

This is a particuarly good example of BAD photography ! The ribbon, I believe I inherited from Jobe - it is sparkly although you can't see it. I love the flower brad in the middle. The paper is SU.
Can't give you a Nick update yet as he is seeing the Consultant today and will phone when he has been.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

K xx
PS Jobe 1 I hope you got the money I pushed through the door this morning for Jen's deposit for card making class on Friday and for Rachel's blender pen x


  1. Karen these are very VERY pretty! With regards to photography maybe if you took the photo from a little further away, then the auto focus would pick up on the card and not what's in the background. You can at least then crop the photo later so you don't get all the background and a tiny card in the middle. Also, try using the macro setting - it's the symbol of a little flower - which will allow you to take photos close up. Worth a try...

    Yes I got the money thanks Karen - I'd forgotten too! x

    Gorgeous, gorgeous day so off to walk the dog now.


  2. A very pretty card - my favourite colour is blue and yet I don't use it much either!