Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday...... and two peas new pea

Hi Girls

Firstly Janet has e mailed me she has had a busy week this week and asked me to say she will be back soon ! I have also spoken to her about joining our two peas group - she said she was sorry she was so far away as it sounds like we have a lot of fun - so I have sent her class 3 pdf and said she is more than welcome to join. Janet - you will find all the links for the girls on my blog but here they are Linda - , Lou my sister, Jo and Rachel

If anyone else would like to join our merry band of two peas class mates then please feel free to join in. The class is free, comes out the 15th of the month, homework to be posted on your blog before the next class, leave a comment on my blog so I can let everyone else know to go and look at your homework - and that's it !

Have a great weekend all......

Here are my predictions for the order in which homework will be achieved:-

Rachel..... lets see if I am right

K x

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  1. Hi Karen, sorry to hijack your blog but I wanted to say thankyou for posting out the new mini stampin up catty. Martin managed to crash our comp' a couple of months ago and I now no longer have your email address... oops..LOl

    Anyway THANK YOU !!

    Love the pic of Barney btw.