Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It's BAAA Lamb time

Morning all, no cards today I am afraid but some rather lovely little BAA lambs for you to oooh and arrh over.

Nick has been to see the consultant, they are pleased with how is thumb is healing, he is not in so much pain now and seemed a bit brighter on the phone, no manual work for six weeks but they are hopeful he will have a reasonable, all be it shorter, thumb which he should be able to use.
Jobe had one last hodge podge share left which I have bought - it's such nice stuff. Lou is down on Saturday, she has a hodge podge share in her parcel from Jo, do you think she would notice if I highjacked that too?
Have a great day all
K x


  1. They are so cute and you are so lucky to be able to see them while out on your walks.

    Glad Nick is feeling better and all seems to be healing well for him.

    I think Lou might just notice!

    Linda x

  2. awwww!!! they are just adorable!! blessings. Renee