Friday, 27 March 2009

It's Friday

Hi All

Well it's the last day of my working week - my heap of work hasn't really got much smaller so it won't be a huge post. It's been a manic week here and sadly I haven't done any crafting at all - with the exception of having some discussions with Lou regarding what ribbon we are ordering for our stampers 8 coming up! ! !

I did a lovely album for my Mum of all of her grandchildren including the dog for Mother's Day but didn't have chance to take any photos. She was really pleased with it - her two granddaughters live in the States so she doesn't see them that often, Lou is up in Hook and as Stuart gets older he isn't quite so keen to be all cuddly with his doting Nannie and Auntie :( The only local grandchild is ours who is a dog (as you know from previous blogs).

I am hoping to get two peas no. 3 done this weekend, no sign of anyone having pipped me to the post yet.....we'll see what's blogged over the weekend.

Have a great weekend all.

Love K xx


  1. Hey Karen - I'm happy you were able to make an album for your mum - I am so sure she appreciated it. I'm glad it's the last day of the week as well - so much I want to do this weekend and since it's going to be yucky outside with rain, it's going to be the perfect time to do it :)

    Hope you have a great one !!


  2. Hi Karen, hope you have a lovely weekend, and your work lessens soon. Your mum's album sounds so lovely - I'm sure she'll treasure it. Love Kate xxx

  3. Well done on completing the album Karen. Hope next week gives you more time to craft. Have a great weekend.

    Linda x