Thursday, 5 March 2009

Look what we found when we opened the curtains this morning !

It is very wet snow - sludgy - not crisp and crunchy. Barney and I haven't walked this morning as it's too wet and also the cars keep chucking the sludge up on to the pavements - our lad Ben that works for us got soaked from head to foot by sludge off the road, some kind motorist soaked him when he was walking along the pavement - poor chap.
Sorry no card to show today - hope you are all well.
K x


  1. I wish we could wake up to snow! Having said that it's been a lovely sunny day down in Plymouth today, although a bit nippy!

    Poor Ben - some motorists just don't think of pedestrians do they?

  2. Oh the joys of snow & sludge :) It is very cold here in the mornings but gets up to the 60s in the afternoon, so it appears that spring may be coming this way. Yes, like Linda said above, motorists just don't think - hope Ben dried off quickly. Hope you and Barney are able to get your walk in tomorrow.