Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mother's Day Card for my Mum in Law

I just absolutely LOVE chocolate chip and old olive colours. This card is for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day, it looks a bit dull on the photo but it really is a very nice card. I used a cream base for the main card, old olive patterned paper mounted on chocolate chip, with chocolate chip ribbon. In the middle of the hodge podge accessory I versa marked a flower from my most favourite stamp set which is the little round stamps with the sayings in - (sorry the name escapes me) then crop o diled a hole in the middle and added a silver brad (again hodge podge). I fixed the plate to the ribbon using hodge podge (I love HP). The main flower is punched out using a SU circular flower punch, then an 1 1/4" SU punch then I added a felt flower again SU (they are really lovely too) and a hodge podge brad in the centre. My Mother in Law is quite a modern woman and I am sure she will like this card.

My lovely, lovely sister is coming on Saturday tea time with Andy and Stuart and along with my Mum and my Mum in Law and Father in Law for a big roast beef dinner followed by crumble or fruit flan as a Mother's Day treat. Lou is coming down for other reasons and it seemed daft not to use the opportunity to all get together which will give Mum all day Sunday to go out on her bike - for those of you who don't know my Mum she LOVES riding her bike - she pedals miles and miles with her friend Jan - she's pretty fit!

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  1. Chocolate chip has to be one of my favourites and seems to go with nearly all the other colours in the SU 'families' of cardstock.

    A great colour combination and a lovely card as usuaul Karen.

    Linda x