Monday, 2 March 2009

Sympathy Card -

Phillip's Grandad passed away on Saturday - he was 87 and it was expected, Phillip wasn't close to his Grandad but during the last ten years he has been back in the life of Phillip's Mum so we have seen him a few times. He wasn't around when Phillip was growing up so he never classed him as a Grandad as such. I wanted to send a card to say we were sorry - my photo does not show the colours of the card. the backing paper is little blue dots and it actually looks very nice in real life....... Mainly made from stampin stuff. K x

It's Tuesday already, not sure where Monday went to be honest ! I made this card on Sunday evening, so I am cheating putting it up today but if I had done it yesterday I would have had nothing to post - actually that's a complete fib, I am about to post a recipe for rock cakes for the very lovely Janet x

Have a great day everyone

Karen x


  1. A lovely card Karen and I am sure they will appreciate your thoughts are with them at this time.

    Linda x

  2. Karen, what a nice card (love the difference in sizes of the jewels) and I'm sure Phillip's family will appreciate this. My thoughts are with Phillip and yourself as well.