Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thank you cards

Hello Girlies

Funeral went as well as can be expected - everyone admired the order of service that I did and also the little card for the flowers. My Mum in Law asked me to make two cards - one for the Funeral Directors who were marvelous and another for the Reverend who was also very lovely.

I popped in on Jobe yesterday on my way home to pick up the Stampers 8 orders for Rachel, Lou and Lindsey and obviously my own thing. My order was literally the cup cake stamps - delicious, can't wait to start and also a share in Hodgepodge - this is a great idea. I paid £5.00 for a share of the hodgepodge set - you will see I used some on the cards. Jo does some brilliant shares - the ribbon and paper one was excellent, I am hoping she will offer another just ribbon one as I REALLY love the ribbon (hint hint Jobe). The hodgepodge is over £30 for the tin but paying £5.00 got me quite a few bits - you'll have to ask Jo exactly what it was ) - brilliant idea.

So getting back to my cards, I used the patterned SU paper & ribbon from the share, the new hodge podge and the simply said "simply said from the heart thank you" I am really pleased with both these cards - I hope my Mother in Law will be. The third card was an extra using the little bit of happiness stamp but going to give her the two floral ones and keep the third one in my card box.

I have got one more card to show you that came with my SU stuff from Jobe - but for some reason it is a really rubbish photo - sorry Jobe it does not do justice to your beautiful work xx

It's a lovely touch isn't it and a really pretty card
Have a great day everyone.
K x

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  1. Karen you're cards are gogeous I am sure your mother in law will be very pleased with them as will the recipients.

    The shares are definitely a great way of getting a variety of items.

    Linda x