Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Wishes

Hi Girls

My last posting until I come back to my office on the 20th of April, when I hope to have lots of cards that I have made during my holiday to parade. I just got my stampers 8 stuff, in it I had ordered the scene in a garden which I see Jenny from Stamping Moments has used - she's done a lovely job. I had lots of goodies, it was my turn to play hostess and I managed to get to level 2 so I got cause for celebration stamps too. Lou, Linzi and I had organised a little ribbon share, we all ordered a ribbon each so last night I divided them up accordingly. I can't wait to use them - there is a gingham one, a chocolate chip with white stitches and a old olive standard one. Jo sometimes does ribbon shares on her blog and I am always keen to share!

Last night I was woken at just before midnight by a pervert ringing the phone - I won't go into details but needless to say it was a smidge upsetting. When the phone rings at that time of the night you I always think it could be my Mum who is on her own. I wasn't asleep when he rang back 20 minutes later and left a message on the answer phone and then continually kept ringing the phone until I unplugged it! BT have a nuisance line, they have organised for me to bar the number tomorrow - it takes 24 hours (when I 1471 the number it was a mobile) so can I bar the number. I will be unplugging the phone tonight. What is the matter with people!

This morning we have had one or two issues with the business - it's always the same on the day we are due to finish - we plan and plan but the unexpected always happens. I am sure we will get there.

So..... everyone take good care and have a smashing Easter and I look forward to reading all your blogs and seeing your lovely work on my return. I'll miss you.

K xxx

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  1. I hope you are having a nice time during your time off work.

    I left a comment with a link to my blog for the challenge. It says to email you but I can't find your email address. Will you let me know what it is.