Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Flowers....for me.

A little while ago a lady made an enquiry with me regarding a window. We got talking and I learnt that she had been off with stress for quite a lot of time and was having to brave going back to work the following week. She was incredibly apprehensive as it was the job that had given her the stress in the first place. Quite a lot of years ago I studied to be a hypnotherapist - purely for my own benefit, not to practice and I befriended a chap called Glenn Harrold who is a very famous Hypnotherapist who does tapes and CD's etc for all sorts of things. When I was fund raising for Ellie (who is 21 this weekend), he very kindly gave me some tapes to sell at my fund raisers. I sell them on ebay now and again. Anyway the long and short of it was that I sent her free of charge three tapes, deep sleep, complete relaxation and guided meditation - just to help her to wind down and sleep and to control some of her anxiety. She came in to see me today to order the window and bought me in these flowers - she is doing a florists course and had made this arrangement for me - how lovely is that. I didn't give her the tapes to get something in return I gave them to her as I knew they would help her - which they have - she is back to work next week and has just purchased the self esteem cd off Glenn's site - I know they are brilliant and I know so many people they have helped and I knew they would help Denise - and they really did.

Anyway, I was so touched and wanted to share. Sorry about the rubbish photo - old work camera

k x


  1. How gorgeous are those flowers! Great news too that she's on the mend.


  2. You deserve those flowers Karen, you are always so thoughtful and always give so much. I'm glad the tapes helped Denise - the arrangement is lovely.

    Linda x

  3. aww how sweet, the flowers are just beautful! Blessings. Renee