Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Jenny x

My dear friend Jenny is such a sweetie. Yesterday I wasn't having a very good day which I know compared to a lot of other people my day was pretty good. Jen was supposed to be coming to dinner on Saturday but on Friday she mailed me to say she was ill again (Jenny spends most of her life with colds, sore throats and horrible chest infections). On Monday I mailed her to see how she was and we got e chatting and I told her my wows, within an hour she had gone out to the shops, picked up cream cakes, a card and flowers and delivered them to work, not coming in as she wasn't well and didn't want to pass the germ on, she gave them to one of my men who bought them in for me. Now, how lovely is that - she is feeling terrible and STILL thinks of me before herself. This sums Jen up, she is kind, warm, sweet and caring and a true friend.

Jen and I met a long time ago at a college course we were doing and since then we have been firm friends, even though Jen moved out to Cyprus the wonderful Internet kept us in touch and we became closer. Jen and Tony came back to the UK to live permanently last year and it's great to have them back.

I know Jen reads my blog, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you Jen for being such a great friend and GET WELL SOON.

Love K xxx

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  1. Karen - this is so sweet of Jen - you are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. I pray your day today is better; also, I hope Jen gets to feeling better very soon.