Monday, 27 April 2009

More the Merrier Card Challenge - we have a tie

Ladies we have a tie:-

2 Votes to Jill and 2 votes to Janet, then 1 for Jeanette and 1 for Jo....

So between Jill and Janet - between you can you decide who would like to do the challenge this month please.

I am thinking of having a new blog just for more the merrier - I will give you all the password via e mail so you can go on the blog and post your own cards.....

Well done everyone - can't wait to see what comes up on the next one.



  1. Hi Karen I am thrilled and amazed! I don't feel qualified to do the challenge (maybe when I have a bit more experience) so I think it would be best that Janet sets it.

  2. Oh Jill, don't put yourself down - your work is smashing. Lets wait and see how Janet feels and go from there....