Friday, 1 May 2009

More the Merrier Card Challenge 2 - by Janet and Jill

Here is the challenge for this month - cards to be with me by 25th of May please.
A masculine card be made using the colors white, red, brown, blue & yellow. No preference as to what it is for.
Good luck everyone and thanks to Jill and Janet who won challenge no.1 and came up with this challenge.
It is bank holiday here in the uk so I won't be posting now until Tuesday.
Have a great weekend all


  1. Hope you enjoy the challenge everyone and have a good Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK

  2. Janet and Jill,

    This is a good sketch. I'm sure to have fun with it and incorporating all of the colors.


  3. Hello, is it OK if I attempt to play-along I was invited by Jill through UKS as me, Jill and Linda all belong to the same team xx