Monday, 11 May 2009

No cards today

Hi All
I am sorry I don't have one card to show you. My yummy sister came down at the weekend on Saturday, we had a lovely time. We all met at our Mum's at Wimborne and had a drink before heading down to mooch around the shops - it was really nice, I don't often get to just browse I am usually in too much of a hurry. Lou bought me the most gorgeous handbag key ring. I bought myself a little shoe ages ago which I love and spied the lilac flip flop in the window but couldn't put my hand in my pocket - my logic being I already have one ! Anyway, Lou surprised me with it which was just so sweet and a really nice surprise. I apologise for the poor photo - it does not do it justice!

I also took some photos for Janet for her world book of Wimborne....

My Mum cooked us all a delicious dinner and pudding - thanks Mum :) (roast dinner and a yummy chocolate pudding).

It was really great seeing the family all together even though poor Andy was coming down with a cold - get well soon Andy (it isn't swine flu as he didn't oink). Stuart has grown taller since we saw him a few weeks ago!

So a lovely day was had by all. x


  1. Beautiful photos of Wimborne - the minster looks really pretty.

    How sweet of your sister to buy that for you.

  2. Awwww blesss!!! Adorable handbag charm lucky girl.