Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Father's Day card

I did a few cards last night that I will post one at a time this week. My first offering is for my Father in law for Father's Day which is this weekend in the UK. My Dad is quite a plain person so I didn't want my card to be too fussy. I used some of the mirri card that Jo gave me which is rather scrummy (although on the picture it looks like a brown border around the blue where it says for my Dad.

My lovely little boy was under my desk this morning looking as cute as a button so had to take a photo....


  1. He'll love it Karen. It also reminds me I need to make another card for FIL and make sure they are left with mums to give on Sunday (although we'll pop in when we get home from yours)

    Barney is such a cutie!

  2. barney you're so cute!!
    Lovely card!!ciao