Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm back !

Hi Everyone

I am back - shame really as it has been a fabulous week off. The Orient Express was out of this world and if you haven't already do hop over to Linda's blog to see some fabulous photographs - we can't wait to go again the four of us. We had a super weekend all together and a really memorable trip - I won't post loads of pictures as Linda has done a great job of putting them up on her blog.

The rest of the week was pretty darn good too - we hired a camper and did a whistle stop tour of the South Downs, finishing the last evening close to my sister Lou which was just wonderful - we had a great evening eating pizza and catching up. The only downer on the whole thing was that the dog did not enjoy or even slightly like the camper van and quite honestly spent the holiday in a state of anxiety ! It was so nice having a little home on wheels.

Just a little plug for the camper hire company...
K x

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  1. What a pity Barney didn't take to the camper van - what wonderful weather you had for your mini break though.

    Thanks for promoting the Kaboodle challenge.