Monday, 15 June 2009

It's Monday and blog land has been very quiet over the weekend

Hi All

Strolling through my favourite blogs this morning I reckon it must have been sunshine all weekend as there are very little activity on the blogs. This includes me ! ! I haven't been in my gorgeous craft room all weekend as I spent most of Saturday spring cleaning Linda's room (we call it Linda's room as she is the one that uses it the most) and the rest of the house in preparation for our great friends coming up on Friday for the weekend.

I am excited as my special birthday present is happening on Saturday - the four of us are off to early on Saturday morning to take the Northern Belle, Orient Express to London, with brunch on the way, a trip on the London Eye, a River Thames Cruise, and a 3 course champagne dinner on the way back ! ! Sunday we are hoping to relax in the garden and have a walk in the beautiful countryside that surrounds our village. I am sure Linda is excited too as we have been counting the weeks !

Have a great day all

K x


  1. Hope you have a great weekend. I know that Linda is really looking forward to it as well!

  2. I certainly am looking forward to the weekend - it will be such a great trip one to treasure for years to come I'm sure. Just trying like you to decide what to wear on the day - oh I wish I was a girly girl as I'm sure it would be far easier then!