Friday, 24 July 2009

Cake..... alas only cardboard

Inspired by the very talented and very lovely Steph over at Papertrey I had a go at making some cake boxes yesterday evening - sadly no time to really make them very pretty or the entire cake but they are needed for this evening for my friend Nikki's surprise 50th dinner at my house. Their daughter is living with them at the moment, she's all grown up but living there for a few months so my plan is to fill them with chocolates and let Nikki take all three bits home.

I am all ready to go,

Breaded mushrooms with garlic mayo

Roast beef with all the trimmings

Chocolate mousse - so easy to do 5.5oz of dark chocolate bashed up into small pieces, 300ml of double cream, heat the cream but don't boil, take off the heat, add the bashed up chocolate and stir quickly until chocolate has melted. Put into tiny bowls - it's very rich you don't need much and chill over night in the fridge, use the 1/2 oz of chocolate to grate on to the top just before serving.

Cheese ball with crackers - it's a soft cheese which you add garlic, green peppers, crushed pineapple, onion and seasoning, make into a ball then squash chopped walnuts on to the side of it - yummy.

Coffee and mints.

Possibly a dip in the hot tub !

And just as an added extra here is a card that I whipped up the other evening.

Everybody have a smashing weekend and to those of you feeling poorly and under the weather - get well soon.

Hugs K x


  1. Yum yum sounds great Karen! Love the cake boxes as well.

  2. That menu is making me salivate - I wish i was invited lol

    Your cake slices are plenty pretty - fabulous job hun :)

    Big hugs
    Steph xxx