Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hello Amelia and Olivia

I spoke to my nieces on SKYPE today - they live in America and I told them to have a look at my blog so I thought I would do a little posting just for them - Hi Olivia and Amelia. They are expecting a new baby sister in November and they are both very excited.

I saw Bella the hamster today and Olivia played the guitar very nicely for me. Amelia has a new belt in Karate and they were off to summer school.

So I do hope the girls have stopped by to have a look at my blog x

Love Auntie Karen x

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  1. The world wide web does make the actual world a smaller place now doesn't it? What a lovely 'shout out' from Auntie Karen lol

    Recieved your gorgeous card this morning - thanks so much - it was a lovely surprise - nothing beats getting a handmade card in the post! *MWAH* lots a luv Steph xxx