Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's Tuesday and I am excited !

Firstly I have to congratulate my dear friend Linda on a second week of fabulous weight loss ! ! Well done that woman - go over to her blog and have a read...... (her blog is on my side bar under Linda)

Another Penny Black card, I don't have this stamp I bought a selection of stamped images off ebay last week from a lovely ebayer - all stazon stamped and ready to colour and mount.

I love my sister Lou Lou dearly, she lives about an hour and 1/4 away which isn't the ends of the earth I know but it's too far to just pop in for a coffee in the evening or an hour of sticking and scrapping - I made her this card and sent it last week, you can see the sentiment. Lou has the most gorgeous grey cat called Pancake and whilst my moggy is a brown one Lou will have appreciated the cute cat. Lou and I have such a good time together, she has a wicked sense of humour and we both love card making, scrapping, cross stitching and reading - the really nice thing is that Andy Lou's other half (I know Andy and Lou - no funnies about Little Britain please) gets on really well with Phillip my hubby so we never feel bad when we do card making as the boys amuse themselves nicely. Stuart my nephew fits in with everyone so we have a great time all round really - any way, waffled enough....

Finally today, I have purchased a cricut expression ! ! Hopefully it will be delivered on Thursday... just need to work out how to use the blooming thing now !

Have a great day everyone
K x


  1. Ooo lovely, lovely cards Karen. How exciting with the Cricut! It's very easy to use, you'll have no probs. Which cartridge did you get in the end?


  2. What a cute card Karen, and woo-hoo for your new toy!! Can't wait to hear how you get on with it and to see what treasures you make with it!! Kate x

  3. A beautiful card Karen - Lou will love it.

    Hope you enjoy using your Cricut when it arrives. I wouldn't be without mine now.