Monday, 27 July 2009

Phew busy girl over the weekend

Friday night was a raging success, my friend had no idea until they pulled up on our drive. I had helium balloons, little 50's on the table, 3 slices of cardboard cake with chocolates inside and a yummy dinner..... seriously we had a smashing evening. She was totally in the dark about everything, her hubby put her on the train on Saturday morning and said look for a familiar face at Waterloo (her son) who spent the day with her then took her to the theatre, then Sunday Brian was going up and then today they were off on Eurostar to Paris. They are coming back on Thursday - so my plan is to make her birthday cake on Wednesday and drop it off at the house for when they come back - Kate over at Yours Truly gave me this idea for the top of the cake - thanks Kate.

Next picture - a rather flash shocked Ted the hamster who was running loose on the desk, he did do a leap into a box of photographs mid way through and had to be rescued - bonkers hamster.

Caterflies is finished - Lou had done the majority, all I had to do was most of the back stitch and one little bird - cute or what.

Felicity Wish - also a started project by Lou, I had to finish her white on the skirt, the wings, one flower and the bird and the flower and the back stitch.

Lou only has one project on the go now which she is going to finish herself, I will go back to my FF hedgehog when I have chance but I am a little busy doing other things at the moment.

Steph has been in touch from Papertrey to say she is delighted to judge our cake competition over at More the Merrier - YEH !

The cards should be posted up today, just checking to see I am missing an entry.

K x

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