Thursday, 9 July 2009

A posting for Jenny

My very dear friend Jenny has a wedding business in Cyprus which she took back a few months ago from the people that had purchased it from her as they ended up going back on the deal..... Jenny had come back to the UK to enjoy being with her Grandchildren and family.

She went back to Cyprus at the beginning of April to a business that had been bled dry and run down. Since going back she has worked nearly every hour god has sent and has turned her business back around - which in this current climate is a major achievement. I have known Jenny for at least 15 years now and she has always been an incredible inspiration to me, she is a fabulous business woman & a hardworking, dedicated Wife, Mum and Nan.

Her family are all here in the UK so Jenny is pretty much on her own out there. Does she moan? NO ! She focuses on her business and continues to drive it forward. A lot of people could learn from her example, yes times are hard, but as I know from our own business if you put enough hard work in (and it is hard work) then you do reap the rewards.

So... even if you aren't planning a wedding maybe you might like to pop over and have a look at Jen's company and Jen if you read this posting on my blog I am so proud of you, more than you will ever know and so blessed to have you as my friend.

Love and hugs from your UK brochure dispatcher and friend

K xx

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