Monday, 3 August 2009


Hi All

Hope you had a smashing weekend - and here we are back to Monday again.

My lovely new cricut is proving to be amazing - how did I manage without one......

Friday morning Barney took his Nannie a little gift bag with chocolates in which she was delighted with...

The photo of the cake is the one I made for one of my staff who is 18 this week, he is having the week off so we had cake on Friday as you can see it was pretty "chocked" up with "choc", lovely to look at but a bit of a bugger to cut !

I need to give both Linda and Jill a really huge THANK YOU - my Mum in law is running a craft stall in aid of the local Doctors Surgery and I put an ask up on my blog for any spare cards - well Linda and Jill did me proud - a huge box arrived with loads and loads of cards in - my Mum in Law was chuffed to bits so thank you so much girls. I am going to donate some gift boxes and bags so hopefully they will make a nice bit of money.

Did lots of other things over the weekend but nothing I can show or tell....... (next week).

Have a great day all

K x


  1. Cake looks yummy!!

    I don't know how anyone manages without a Cricut either!

  2. Ooh that cake looks delicious - not allowed for me at the

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