Monday, 24 August 2009

I saw a mouse, WHERE, there on the road.....

Whilst we were out walking yesterday I found a little tiny mouse in the road, my first thought was oh my goodness if you stay there little fellow you will get squished ! I picked him up and he didn't look that well, so I put him in the verge and found him a few blackberries and seeds (I thought perhaps he was a bit weak from hunger and not able to find any of his own food). Well surprisingly he started to eat the blackberry then ate a seed and we left him tucking back into the blackberry. I left him enough food to feed a whole heap of mice's so hopefully he is feeling much better and back on his tiny little feet again.... bless.....


  1. Aww cute. Perhaps he was upset because he couldn't reach the blackberries high up!

  2. How sweet and so lucky for you to be able to hold it too!