Monday, 10 August 2009

The narrow boat trip

Thank goodness for sunshine is all that I can say, the boat was smaller than I imagined ! We hired it from Bath Narrowboats but I would not recommend them, the boat was dirty - luckily for me I am always prepared and spent the first hour cleaning both the galley and it's contents (cups etc) and then the loo - not what you need when you have paid a substantial amount of money (it was dirty, it wasn't just me being paranoid). Also the man that showed us around the boat was dirty and smelt revolting ! ! - Anyway, enough said about that one !

Phillip, Andy and Stuart at the back, Lou at the front ! My Mum, the dog and me were on the tow path.

Thank goodness for sunshine

Stuart and Andy doing swing bridge - Stuart was a star all day and really good at steering the boat.

The day itself was glorious, thank goodness and everyone had a really great time. We had bacon rolls at lunch time, luckily I had pre cooked the bacon and just had to heat it through in a small frying pan and I had prepared the rolls the night before.

We had flap jack and coffee mid morning and then tea time before we got off the boat we had salad, hardboiled eggs, cheese, crisps and cold rice. We then told my Mum we were going to my Auntie's (I had made two birthday cakes to take).

When we got there my Auntie had done a small buffet which we had to eat before cake so as you can imagine we were pretty full up !

The albums went down a storm as did the cake slices. A lovely day was had by all. (see previous blog posting for pictures.

Lou, my Auntie Pat, my Nana and my Mum looking at their albums.

Cards I made on the next posting.

k x

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