Monday, 21 September 2009

Lou Lou's cake

It's my lovely sister Lou's birthday on the 26th but as she lives away and she has visitors coming on he birthday we had to have a birthday celebration yesterday at my Mum's (Lou was coming down for something else). Our Mum was leading a bike ride for the DCN so we met Lou at Haskins along with Rachel and the girls had a look in Hobbycraft (I bought the cutest little brad buttons - show you on a card soon promise) and the boys had a drink in Haskins coffee shop - we joined them later for a coffee too.

Our Mum did a smashing tea & I made a birthday cake for her. We ate out in the garden in the sunshine. Our Mum wanted Lou to open her present which was the cutest money box cat with money in ! and I let her open one of her presents which was a circular box with 10 cake slices in.
Each one had a little gift inside and on the bottom of each slice I had done a little clue in the form of a four line poem so she could guess what was inside. The last box had a note in with a different gift as I couldn't fit nthe final thing in the slice - it was the cutest chocolate teddy bear that I wrapped up and hid in the bottom of the main box (so she correctly guessed bear and then opened up the slice to find some sparkly bits inside and another note saying you will find the real thing in the bottom of the box).
Lou really enjoyed opening it and the others all had fun guessing what was inside each one. I forgot to take a picture of the chocolate teddy bear but here are the cake slices.

A lovely afternoon as had by all. Thanks Mum x


  1. Sounds as if you had a great time! What a magical cake!!

  2. It all sounds like you had a great time and what a lovely job you did of making the cake so special for Lou.