Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Today's card & Ted the hamster

Ted the hamster is on the mend but going bonkers having nothing to do ! ! He has taken to sleeping in his hamster loo - It's a little triangular box which has a lid but I took this off when the vet said remove anything that he could possibly damage himself on, so literally the base is in there with the hamster grit in for him to use. He has dragged the bedding on top of the loo and is using it as his bedroom. There was much crashing and banging going on in the

middle of the night but no sign of any "damage" so I am assuming (as he was asleep this morning) that his tail is in one piece still.

My card today is using a digitial download from Squigglefly and some patterned paper that I got from a stash Lou my sister gave me to sell on e bay (didn't quite get there). The ribbon is SU. I decided to leave the stamp black and uncoloured as I thought it suited the card.

Have a smashing day all.

K x


  1. Love the stamp Karen. I have got that paper and I rather like it too!!

  2. It's gorgeous Karen. Poor Ted hope he's better soon. x