Monday, 12 October 2009

Scrapbook pages

I have still not got my card making mo jo back - if someone has any spare mo jo could they send it my way please ! I did manage to get some scrap booking done. This first one is my darling hubby Phillip with our gorgeous hound Barney, taken in February in the snow, as you can see he has collected lots of snowballs on his little legs - he adores snow and leaps around like a mad thing, but obviously as the snow balls get bigger and bigger he finds it more and more difficult to do the leaping. We had two amazing weeks of snow, 3 days of that we were totally isolated in the village. I love this picture of Barney - it isn't quite finished yet as it's not all stuck down and it's not a particularly good photo as the letters are silver mounted on black - double click on the photo to enlarge it to have a better look.

My Mum adores this plant - she calls them Christmas Cherries but I am unsure of their proper name, by Xmas the berries are bright red and look lovely in the garden. As you can see they are covered in a haw frost, again this was taken last year and I was really pleased with the photo. Again, sorry about the poor quality of my photo of the page, the lettering is mounted on silver and then black then the green. The letters also have silver glitter on them.

My Phillip loves this photo of Barney and I, this was taken on a summer's day this year when we were out on one of our many long walks - doing what we love best. Can you see a little bit of tongue sticking out? No, not mine Barney's. Again, I have double mounted the letters - how did I manage without the cricut. You do them the same size but the second set you put the shadow button in. Again poor quality photo of what is a lovely page.

Have a smashing week everyone.
Back soon
K x


  1. You may have lost your card mojo but you've definately got a fab scrapbooking one going. They're gorgeous Karen!


  2. Lovely LOs Karen! I have looked around my craft room and your mojo isn't here!

  3. Super LO's Karen - we all go through phases of losing various crafting mojos but it will return.